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                Welcome: Water cube smart toilet - ingenuity creates the future of wisdom.
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                OUR ADVANTAGE

                Why choose us

                15 years experience in production design

                15 years experience in production design

                15 years of production and market tracking, our production has perfected every detail,We d
                Professional development design team

                Professional development design team

                Our product development and design are not small and often valued understanding market dem
                Strong product sales team

                Strong product sales team

                Dingshang sanitary ware from research and development to production, and then the sales te
                The full-service butler service is your comfort and comfort

                The full-service butler service is your

                Each product sales will be followed by professional technology and service personnel, all

                ABOUT US


                about us

                China water cube holding group co., LTD. Is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales, and holds the "water cube" national brand. At present, the company vigorously develops and produces new low-carbon environmental protection products such as garbage processor, air purifier and intelligent toilet. Group has five productive company: zhejiang united cubic environmental technology co., LTD., zhejiang water cube purification equipment co., LTD., zhejiang water cube suye co., LTD., zhejiang water cube intelligent technology co., LTD., zhejiang water cube life electric appliance co., LTD. Through the integration of industrial resources, the ...

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